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Vitamin C is an important vitamin that contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Since it cannot be produced in the body, a daily intake is important. NeoLife Sustained Release Vitamin C has a sustained release mechanism that ensures release over 6-8 hours with one single tablet. Contains 200 mg Vitamin C

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Humans are one of the few species that cannot make vitamin C. All animals require vitamin C, however, so those whose bodies cannot biosynthesise it must obtain a steady supply in the diet

Vitamin C is an integrated part of collagen synthesis ‘cellular cement’ that keeps our cells together and gives muscles, bones and vascular system their structure. It helps to keep teeth, gums and eyes healthy

Many nutritional experts believe that the recommended daily dose of vitamin C does not fulfil our actual need. some people require a larger quantity in order to cope with certain strains connected with their lifestyle

Stress and cigarette smoking drain the body’s natural stores of this essential vitamin. People continuously exposed to minor injuries and bruises (athletes, construction workers etc) are amount those who probably need additional vitamin C – People exposed to toxic substances during work could also need an additional dose. In fact, we could all use more as, our environment is getting increasingly polluted

Provides Vitamin C as nature intended – Contains vital substances occurring naturally in whole citrus fruit

Sustained Release C has a sustained release mechanism that ensures release over 6 – 8 hours with a single tablet

Contains acerola cherries and rose-hips. Acerola (a cherry-like fruit) and rose-hips (the fleshy fruit below the rose-hip flower fam. Rosaceae) are two of the richest natural sources of vitamin C


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