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Organic Kefir Low Fat Fermented with Live KeoLife Kefir Grain Pack of 6-


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  •  Organic Low Fat British Milk Fermented with our, uniquely grown, Real Live Kefir Grains in our UK plant.

  • Contains a guaranteed blend of 35 different strain of probiotic bacteria at optimum level

  • GM free  Gluten free  Suitable for vegetarian Suitable for diabetic No Preservatives  No Sweeteners  No added sugars  No artificial colourings  No artificial flavour   √Glass bottle means no plastic chemicals leaching out into the drink and PBA/B and phtalates free.

  • Pack of 6 glass bottle works out £2.25 per bottle 

  • For any queries contact / 0044 7775331972 

KeoLife’s Organic Kefir fermented with our unique, selectively grown, Live High Potency Kefir Grains, according to our patented process, is a refreshing Powerful Probiotic drink and a highly nutritious food.

Texture: Kefir has the consistency of a drinkable yogurt. separation do occur as the organic milk is not standardised to preserve its nutritious and therapeutic qualities.

Taste: Strong Tart yogurt taste, mildly sour and may be lightly fizzy.

This is a natural live product: naturally occurring separation as well as variation in texture, taste and sourness may occur from time to time this adds to its uniqueness.

One serving of our Organic Kefir (200 ml bottle)  typically provide  the following Vitamins & Minerals %NRV***

Vitamin B12   27%   for health nerves and blood cells
Vitamin B2     53%   for energy production and combat fatigue
Calcium           36%  for good muscles function & strong bones,                                          gums and teeth
Iodine             75%   for healthy thyroids functions
Phosphorus   52%   for strong bones and teeth
Zinc                 15%   for proper functioning of the Immune and                                           Digestive systems

(***Nutrient reference Values per day)

When made with Locally Sourced Organic Milk, and our unique,selectively  Grown, High Potency Live Kefir Grains using our patented process,  Kefir is a fermented beverage rich in both Enzymes and friendly healthy micro-organisms that help regulate your “gut Flora”. It is more nutritious & therapeutic than Kefir made with powdered starter culture, probiotic supplements and natural yogurt, as KeoLife’s Organic Kefir  supplies complete proteins, essential minerals and valuable vitamins.

This is a highly potent probiotic drink, So Start SLOWLY:

1) Just a half of 200ml bottle a day (which is 100ml) for the first two weeks should be enough to slowly introduce your body to this magical substance.

2) Then you can upgrade to a full bottle a day for optimum results (however some will experience optimum results with only 1/2 bottle a day and some with a bit more than 1 bottle a day, Optimum results shows up in different ways for different people).

3) For best results drink at least 1 bottle a day, preferably after your last meal of the day or instead of your herbal tea before going to bed…

Our Organic Kefir is pretty versatile, you can:

 -Drink it plain,

-Add it to any smoothie, 

-Mix it with your cereals, raw honey, stevia or Xilitol.

-Add it to your soup or cooked meal before serving, Just make sure you don’t heat Kefir or add it t to food that is too hot as it will kill off the good healthy gut friendly micro-organisms.

-Use at the main base ingredients to make dips, cold sauces, salad dressing. 

-It works wonder when apply to skin as a face mask for 5 to 15 minutes. It gently exfoliate  the skin while restauring its natural PH balance.

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1 Litre x 6, 200 ml x 6, 500 ml x 6


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    Really does work, lately it’s been like trying to get gold dust…. Hopefully they’ll reopen soon.

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