Epsom Salt 750 g Biodegradable bag


Epsom salt is a popular remedy for many ailments.The two main ingredients of Epsom salt are magnesium and sulfate. It is believed the combination of both ingredients stimulates detoxification pathways.

Magnesium is a natural substance that aids a variety of bodily functions, including the removal of toxins. Sulfate can strengthen the walls of the digestive tract and make releasing toxins easier.

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Product Description

Benefits Of Epsom Salt:-

  1. Cleans the Skin
  2. Improved Heart Condition
  3. Boost Blood circulation
  4. Moisturizes The Body
  5. Retains Hydration
  6. Restores Elasticity
  7. Regulates Heart beats
  8. Helps To Lower Blood Pressure
  9. Treats Post Workout Swelling
  10. Relives Body Pain
  11. Relives Migraine
  12. Releases Foot Odour
  13. Treats Asthma
  14. Relives Constipation


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