The Benchmark in kombucha

Authentically brewed kombucha tea began in Ancient China yet is the perfect tonic for today’s often hectic and unhealthy lifestyles.

GO Kombucha is Europe’s longest-established kombucha tea range. Since 2003 we’ve adhered to the time-honoured small batch, handcrafted tradition thereby retaining the characteristic kick, unique taste profile and myriad gut-supporting microorganisms favoured by discerning kombucha drinkers and health-conscious consumers alike.

To that end our kombucha is unfiltered, unpasteurised and naturally effervescent, eschewing the industrialised processing and adulterating techniques utilised by mass-produced and laboratory engineered ‘fruit soda pop’ brands for shelf stability. In fact, you could say GO Kombucha has been “the real thing” for over 17 years!

Whether drunk as a healthier option to highly-processed and sugary drinks that can imbalance the gut ‘microbiome’; as a satisfying alternative to alcohol or a zingy base or mixer for alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks alike, GO Kombucha has a taste note and profile to suit every palate and occasion.

IF YOU’RE NEW to kombucha, we suggest starting with a 125ml serving a day for the first 6 days to allow your gut to adapt (equivalent to one 750ml bottle), then increase to 2-3 servings throughout the day.
Try a glass 10-15 minutes before breakfast to kickstart your day, before and after exercise, as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or either of our low caffeine options China White and Green Sencha with the evening meal instead of wine (chilled in your finest champagne flutes, naturally!)

Traditional, unadulterated kombucha can also serve as an effective morning after replenisher for hangovers, helping to restore many of the gut-supporting microbes that alcohol leaches.

Sencha’s neutral flavour makes it a perfect mixer with your choice of juices or cordials, or as a perfect zingy base for non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails alike (Red Pu-erh may just be the Holy Grail of mixers for vodka!)

Our kombucha is extremely versatile. It makes a great addition to stock to add bite to casseroles and stews, creates great sorbets and gives fruit salads a delicious kick, while vinegary kombucha provides a zesty, wholesome base for pickling and drizzling as a light, nutritious dressing over summer salads (pour some GO Kombucha into a bowl, cover with a tight-fitting, close-knit cloth and allow to mature/acidify for 10-14 days).

Kombucha vinegar can also be used as an effective skin toner and for stripping the hair of accumulated airborne pollutants. Drink a tablespoon a day for a super boost of bacterial acids to help zap body pollutants and enhance skin glow and vitality from within (as with any vinegars wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth!)