Build your immune system by drinking this Probiotic drink

Organic-kefir-probiotic drink

High potency Organic Kefir

Organic Kefir made with unique authentic live kefir grains, “not powdered culture”

What is the difference between Organic Kefir made from authentic grains and Kefir made from powdered culture?

Fermentation with authentic Kefir Grains is the original traditional method to make the potent kefir drink.  However we found out varying results with the original method and standard kefir grains as they are prone to contamination from the environment and viruses and even in good condition somehow don’t manage to thrive. Meaning that sometimes it is successful and sometimes it is just “dying on its feet”.

That is why we have developed a specific process and method to produce our own selectively grown unique high potency Kefir grains. Our Organic Kefir is very powerful as it contain a guaranteed blend of 37 different strains of good bacteria and approximately 15 billion live micro-organisms (cfu) per gram.

In opposition, “Kefir culture” also called “kefir grain culture” or “kefir starter culture” is a powder created by drying 2 to up to 4 different strains of good bacteria and have a counts of approximately 2 million cfu per gram. Most of them because of the drying process and the low counts will not survive the stomach acidity.

KeoLife’s Organic Kefir made with Kefir grain and not from culture is the most potent and nutrient dense probiotic drink (www

Our Organic low Fat Milk Kefir made from our unique live kefir grains is much more potent than any other form of kefir, natural yogurt and shop bought supplements as they contain a much higher proportion and counts of living beneficial probiotics bacteria at their optimum stage of their live. This means that they are strong enough to survive your stomach acidity and bile and reach your gut still thriving and ready to take up residence, where it will start to help regulate your immune system.

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